Romantic Birthday III

Time goes by, you’re growing old and I love you more each minute, hour, day, month and year! What kind of magic is yours that enchants me more and more each time? I think you cast a spell on me… did you by any chance laced my tea, coffee or Coke with some potion?
My darling wizard, let me use this letter to reaffirm all my love for you and convey my wish for a wonderful day, and that the love that I feel for you is endless and pure!
I don’t know what to get you for your birthday, I just wish all your dreams come true (and that I’m part of those dreams too) and that you can keep on using that special gift you have to make happy all those that surround you. But I will not forget to give you something that you’ll remember me by, the same way I think about you every minute of the day.
What would you like to get, besides my undeniable and endless attention? A CD? You already have some many CDs, maybe one with romantic music, so that you could play low and hold me tight!
Now, honestly, my dear, all I want you that you’re looking handsome when evening sets, that you’re in a good mood and feeling happy and that you’ve had a good day and that you’re ready to receive the best gift I could give you: myself, all dressed up and smelling nice like a princess, just the way you like it!

A sweet kiss from