Romantic Birthday I

My dear

I woke up today thinking about you, just like everyday. But today’s a special day not only for me but for all the people that surround you and love you for you accomplish another year of your life and the first thing I did was to thank God for you. Yes, my love, it’s your birthday but the gift is mine, the fact that you exist is what really makes me happy and brings meaning to my life. On this special day I would like to tell you that all I wish for you is that you share this happiness.
All I want is to give you peace, tranquility, joy and “endless hugs, kisses and cuddles…” (Name), I want all the best for you and that I may give you the best in me, all my love, my devotion to your happiness, my lap to sit on, my hand to hold on to, my comforting embrace e warmest kisses. You can always count on me, not just today, but every single day, month, year… every single birthday from now on. You can always count on me because I love you and I want this love to withstand any difficulties we may have to face.
As I said in the beginning, it’s your birthday but the gift is mine. I’m the one who feels like the luckiest person in the world on this day when the world looks even more beautiful for today we celebrate another year in your life, and you’re one of the many wonders God has created.

A very tender kiss from