Somewhat rude


a thousand apologies. I sincerely have to apologize for yesterday. I`m so embarrassed for the low key role I played, but I`m brave enough to ask for your forgiveness, because you know very well that`s really not me. Playing back the scenes from yesterday, not even I can recognize myself in them.
I know that a simple apology will not make up for the damage I caused with my rude attitude, but I beg of you, please think carefully before you make an radical decision, because, again, you know that`s not what I`m like; on the contrary, I`m a sensitive and gentle person.
I`m not trying to justify what`s unjustifiable, my reaction was the worse, I think the Gin and Tonic did all the talking and total nonsense was the result. Anyway, I would like to ask for your mighty forgiveness. If you`d like me to, I`ll call every one that was there yesterday and apologize, which, by the way, I`ve already started doing.
Again, accept my apologies and an affectionate kiss of yours (regretful and ashamed),