Friendships remain

Dear friends,

For reasons beyond my will (but which I’ve undeniably looked for), I’m being transferred to another department within the company. On one hand, this makes me very happy, it’s a chance to progress that I can’t run away from; on the other hand, it makes me very sad to leave you behind. You’ve always supported me in every task and difficulty and who’ve taught me so much, and not being able to count on your cooperation won’t be easy. Friendship is a rare thing nowadays. Well, maybe not friendship in itself really, but the daily practice of friendship, the expression of friendship. Being close to you has always been very enjoyable and rewarding and I want you to know that I hope my presence amongst you has also been a positive factor for everyone.
Dear friends: this period of absence doesn’t mean the end of things, it takes more than that to make me forget the affection that I’ve always received from all of you, and in the same way, the affection I’ve always devoted to each and everyone of you. All I ask of you is to keep thinking of me as your true friend. May you also move up and even be transferred to better positions or places but never forget it’s what’s inside of us that counts; specially the respect, love and affection for the next person. This is how I feel about all of you… I’ll miss you but I’ll always be in touch.