Long live true friendship!

Dear friend,

I have been thinking about our great, long lasting friendship and I have reached the conclusion that the best place in the world to be is the one where we find real friends. So, the best place in the world is the one where I know I will find you!
In these planet dominated by hypocrisy and false relationships, it’s difficult to conquer true friendship. That’s why I am sure that I will do everything within my reach to always have your trust.
My biggest wish is that our friendship will withstand time and all the traps of destiny, and it’s never contaminated by intrigue and lies, never contaminated by envy or pride and instead will always be crowned by loyalty and sincerity.
To have a friend like you is to know that happiness exists and is near and that no difficulty in my path will be insuperable. Count on me always, I count on you forever!

Kisses from you friend