My friend, you need to look after yourself!

Dear friend,

Is it possible that you are overdoing things a bit? You need to look after yourself a bit more!!
I am worried about you because I know you are doing exactly the opposite of what the good health manuals tell you to do. I know you work too much and you need to relax, but staying up late, in noisy and smoky environments, not getting much sleep and drinking yourself silly is not going to do you any good or bring you any comfort, on the contrary!
Dear friend, I hope you realize it’s time to snap out of it!! Life isn’t made only of pleasures, or, as a famous composer once said, “life isn’t simply a festival!”
I hope you are not offended by my remarks, I believe we are close enough for that and I am truly worried about you. In case you are sad, in need of company for a nice chat, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I am always by your side!
Don’t get upset if you have to face up to any difficulty and always count on me!

Your friend