To restart an old friendship

Dear friend

Don’t you think it’s time we went to the movies together? Don’t you think it’s time to have a good laugh and gossip? Let’s catch up on our chats!!
It seems that our work and hectic lives have made us grow apart more than I would have wanted it.
It even seems that we have been living in different cities; we used to see each other a lot more before and now we hardly ever talk, not even on the phone. Have you lost my number??
You are the only person to whom I open up my heart to and share most intimate secrets. That’s probably why I love being your friend so much and that’s probably why I miss those chats we used to have all the time and not so long ago.
Let’s not let such a beautiful relationship die. Let’s restart our chats, confidences and that happiness that always reigned when we enjoyed each other’s company. On my part, I am restarting the contact and pray to God to give the gift of being able to have your true friendship forever!

I miss you. Love