For a friend in a bad moment...

Dear (name),

I know how distressed and sad you must be and I’m so sorry for what happened. Yet, in this moment of hardship, I wish you didn’t forget you have a friend who is willing to help and give you his support…
Don’t cry, don’t despair, things are hard for anyone, but we are all trying to overcome each difficulty we bump into. We will eliminate them, one by one! Remember you will always have a shoulder to cry on and, no matter what happens, you will always find someone you can lean on: me!
Don’t waste all your energies crying over spilt milk. Please don’t be that way, my friend! I bet you’ve been through worse and you came out on top…
By the way, have you counted the number of years we have known each other and have you realized we have never had a fight? This is true friendship, one of the most valuable things in the world, and true friends are those who are always willing to help us. Right now you are feeling sad and I’m holding out my hand to reach you. In the future, I may be the one needing your help.
But let’s keep pessimism aside; this note only wants to bring you hope and peace. I have a feeling that your sadness will be over soon and we will laugh about this bad phase and share many happy moments together!

A kiss