A very funny friend!

Dear friend,

Some say you are a clown… I disagree, but one thing is for sure, you are very funny and amusing! You light up any environment, even the dentist’s waiting room is less gloomy if someone like you is around!
You are the only person who can make me smile and laugh. That’s probably why I love to be your friend! It takes a funny friend like you to make me smile even in the most complicated situations and to comfort me in adversity and small daily tragedies!
Only someone special like you can bring me some comfort in those dead end situations, those moments of doubt and uncertainty, so common nowadays, when the ghosts of violence, of insecurity and unemployment hover over our heads!
And the best thing is, you bring me not only comfort but also joy and good humor. You are real special and sweet! Only a loyal friend like you can give me some comfort in these troubled moments…

Thanks for everything!
Your friend,