The four Liverpool kids...

Hi, (name),

First John, now George… We are all a little sadder, a bit more alone. We believed that the four boys from Liverpool would last forever; we believed they were not humans and could live through out the centuries till eternity…
I wanna hold your hand, my friend! I need to exchange some ideas with someone who still trusts in the survival of those concepts of peace and love. I need to convince myself that in this movie we are all part of, there’s also room for the good guys. I need to believe that it’s not only the bad guys who make it; I need to believe that all our heroes will not abandon us.
But, although the script sounds cruel, the truth is that the spirit of the Beatles and of all the crowds of fans, who have always fought for peace keeping and the spreading of love, will triumph over evil.
One of their songs goes: "Life flows on within you and without you"… We will follow our path of hope, no matter what, for we carry in our hearts the marks of each word, each note they used to wake us up for love and for the awareness that the world could be a better place.
Let’s meet some time. Let’s make a toast to life, peace, friendship and the hope in a more friendly future!

Miss you