We should be against all wars

Dear friend,

World peace is again threatened. I am astonished at the latest news about the war in Ukraine, but not panicked! I still believe in the ability the human being has to overcome hardships, to evolve from adversity, to continuously turn the planet into something better than it was back in the cave days, even though they already had some tribal fights going on back then…
It’s amazing what a fine line there is between Good and Evil in times of confrontation and war; it’s amazing how Evil can make Good disguise itself with the vests cloak of Evil and respond to aggression with more aggression - powerful aggressions which will never restore the world’s harmony and will only to spike up the differences that could be solved (or lightened) by a fair diplomatic round of talks.
After all, as human beings, aware of our role in society, we should oppose war in any form or shape: we should protest against injustice, against starvation and poverty; we have to firmly claim our rights but without the use of violence! We have to make sure that good sense prevails, that the meaning of friendship between people reigns amongst us and becomes a natural part of our daily lives. If we each do our share, we will be able to respond to adversities and differences by using our basic humanity, we will be to make this feeling prevail. One day, in a not so distant future, friendship and solidarity will rule peoples and nations. After all, we are all God’s children, regardless what name we call him by.
I want you to know that I am counting on your resolve and care, so that together we may work for a better world.

A hug