Difficult reunion

My dear friend (name),

Please forgive me if I haven’t paid you a visit yet. Honestly, a thousand apologies my friend! I know I’ve arranged to meet you several times and called everything off almost just as many times. Or I just didn’t turn up on other occasions. It’s nothing personal. The thing is, my life has been really very agitated. Nevertheless, and although we haven’t seen each other lately, the affection and consideration I have for you are at the same level as in the old days, when we used to talk nearly every day, in person or over the phone. I haven’t forgotten how much help I got from you in my life, how much you listened to me and supported me in difficult times, in a nut shell, how you’ve always been my friend.
But time goes by and circumstances end up pulling you apart. What truly remains is the respect and admiration, which are immune to time and its nasty effects. Sometimes the opposite happens: as months and years go by, certain good feelings grow stronger, regardless of any daily or personal contact. I have so many things to tell you. It doesn’t make any sense that I’d put them in this letter because they deserve to be told, heard and discussed in another space, preferably sitting in a nice bar. I know I have neglected all my promises of a reunion, but a problem always seems to turn up and put my best intentions aside. Anyway, accept this letter, as an explanation (even though I know this type of thing is a bit unnecessary between the two of us). We’ll soon meet each other and catch up on every thing we’ve left behind.

In the meantime, remain with a friendly hug from yours