To the little Japanese girl


I’ve resisted the urge to tell you a few things for a long time, but I needed to tell you those tiny little eyes of yours are noble as pearls and your dark long hair reminds me of the dawn, the perfect curtains to protect my dreams from light.
Your so delicate and small, too beautiful to be true, and so quiet and calm that I feel afraid to talk to you or touch you, even if it’s just with the tip of my fingers, for fear of breaking you like a little crystal doll.
My little eastern fairy, I think I’m in love with you. My heart aches, just because you won’t look at me. Sometimes, that Zen way of yours makes you look so distant, that I almost lose all hope that you’ll eventually notice my strong interest in you.
My princess, my little rising sun. Look at me, see that I exist, talk to me, or else I’ll be so sad, but so sad I’ll buy me a bottle of sake and get completely pissed. I’ll be uglier than a samurai expelled from court, and my heart will be broken into pieces.
You’re not going to let that happen to me are you?

Please accept a kiss from yours