The renewed love

Dear (name)

When I saw you for the first time, I couldn¹t ever have imagined that your almost candid face, which holds a young and shy smile, was going to captivate me the way it did.
It has been a long time, do you remember?
However, this profound tenderness that I nurture for you, and which I dare call love is something very intensive and beautiful. It is renewed every minute as if you could enchant me at every blink of an eye.
I know that I really love you simply because I don¹t feel anguish and don¹t even get tired from our intensive relationship. It is in the saliva of your kisses and in the exchange of the sweat from our bodies that I find the balm of courage, the courage needed to confront this world which is full of villainy and cruelty.
It is in the delicate tone of your voice, in the suggested rainbow that is formed from the light of the sun hitting the cascade of your hair, or merely in the subtle touch of your hands where I rest my heart and travel through an ideal space, a space where everything is peaceful, where everything is beautiful and pure.
A space where everything is love, it is in this route that I travel and it is on you that I sail, at last.

A kiss from your