You are beautiful!

My love, my darling!

As much as I make myself beautiful, when I approach you I feel like an "ugly duckling" next to a fascinating, natty, elegant swan.
Your voice is sensual, your gestures are elegant, and your good taste for with your clothes also impresses me, although you have a casual way about you.
I love your way of being discrete (for example your shy, but sincere, smiles). Your soft-spoken and paused talk, and your intelligent and relevant remarks.
I'll do anything to always keep you close to me because I love to feel the touch of your strong but affectionate hands, I love to feel the brush of your beard on my face, and I especially love to feel your lips joining mine.
But your apparent beauty and elegance are just a reflection of your soul, which is good and very bright, and this is what makes me like you even more. This is what makes you so beautiful.

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