I´m hopelessly yours

My love

To be hopelessly yours: this is my fate; and more than conform myself with it, I rejoice with it! The possibility of not having you someday would frighten me, if not terrify me.
How could I live without your love and without the providential support of your shoulder, always a pillow for my little head always so tired? How could I be happy without the comfort of your words, always gentle and optimistic? How could I feel like a woman without the vigorous touch of your hands on my shoulders, in the glorious moments when we make love? You complete me as a human being, you complete me as a woman and (without wanting to feed your vanity!) you complete me as a female, because under your body and the effect of your kisses no reasoning can resist.
On the other hand, you are an extension of me and I know you would not stand too long in my absence. As I put myself in your hands, I know that you are in my hands, but I want you to understand this not as a threat but as confirmation of a great love, because I do not mind that I am in your hands and it does not weigh anything to have you in my hands, because I know that we will always use our hands to distribute affection to one another.
I'm hopelessly yours, I need you. And I'm so yours that I take that as a confession of surrender, because I trust you so fully that I would never shy away from doing anything that would relieve your suffering or cause you any pleasure, whatever it was.

A kiss from your wife,