Valentine's Day

To the boyfriend who is travelling

Love of mine,

You have no idea how hard it is to be away from you on Valentine´s Day. Even when the sun shines, this distance turns every single day into a cold and cloudy one for me. Sometimes I cannot sleep and when I finally fall asleep a dream comes to disturb me, one that arises the dizzy hope that you´ll show out of the blue in my room in order to wake me up with a thousand kisses…
It´s too sad to be without you in my arms, without the warmth of your love and the comfort that I discover in your voice... What soothes me is knowing that this martyrdom is not gonna last forever, for as soon as you fulfill all your duties and obligations you´ll come back home, that is, you´ll come back to me..
When you return, we´ll have plenty of time to do everything we like to do when we are together. I´m already making up and putting to test a few wonderful recipes to get ready for you to eat on the day of your return. I´ll also buy a couple of beautiful and perfumed candles and they will welcome you like a king returning from a long crusade…
On Valentine´s Day we miss lovers a lot more you know...? I can´t wait to see you again, to touch your skin, to slide my hands all over your face and draw every line of it with the point of my fingers.. I´ve been praying quite a lot so that time runs fast and my loneliness may be shortened. You better know that it is really difficult to be apart from you and that I love you very very much!
An even bigger kiss from,