Valentine's Day

To those who are not dating...

Dear (name),

The Valentine´s Day is coming and I know that you, like myself, don´t have anyone to celebrate this date. But it´s ok because it is not that bad to be alone, sometimes...
It happens that we always feel squeezed in some occasions, like orphans on Mother´s Day, for instance, or divorced couples battling for the right to spend the Children´s Day with their kids. During Christmas, we miss all those who are dear to us, people who passed away or simply are far away from us. How we wish they were next to us, oh Dear God!
But now we´re just talking about Valentine´s Day, and though it seems to me a date manufactured for commercial purposes, I find it really boring to go out alone on such date.
Every one keeps staring at you as if you were not of this world! That´s why I´m writing you this letter: I´d like to be with you on February 14… We could hang around together, only as good friends, we could go lunch, have a few laughs or go to the movie theater. This way at least we wouldn´t be regarded as aliens by people!
Anyway, it´s just an idea, because I really hope you will find an interesting person until then... for my part, I´ll struggle not to waste away this day by myself! I hope you take no offense with my proposal and remain certain that my invitation is sincere and truthful.
A big kiss from