Valentine's Day

If I were your girlfriend!

Dear friend (name),

It´s really great to be your friend, but as I am on pins and needles about this coming Valentine´s Day, a crazy idea has crossed my mind… Yes, I began fancying what it would be if I were your girlfriend… Do not get frightened though cause I warned you right above it was a crazy idea, didn´t I? And since dreaming doesn´t cost a thing and does not convey too harmful collateral damages, generally speaking that is, I began thinking that if I were your girlfriend, I´d prepare you a great dinner on this February 14.
Besides, I need to try a recipe I´ve learned from a friend of mine who is also one of the greatest chefs in town… It´s about an italian pasta called ravioli, but filled with coffee and covered with cheese and nuts which is totally delicious! Because I know very well you love pasta, I´d have incredible pleasure in preparing this dish for you, but of course, if you were my boyfriend, which is not the case…
Continuing... if I were your girlfriend, I bet you would wear better ties and walk around with the finest perfume, for I would certainly mind about you and I would be proud to introduce you as my boyfriend to my circle of friends. But since I am not, keep using this worn jeans and these second-class ties that you usually wear... Well, I told you that my idea was absurd... Anyways, if on February 14 you want to taste some delicious food and have a great evening, stop by my place, you will never regret!
Kisses from your friend,