Valentine's Day

I will not be alone!

Dear (name),

I know that you are my friend and I feel at ease to let it out and tell you things that I´d probably not tell anyone else. I´ve made a very serious decision and I need to share it with someone I trust…
What decision? As this Valentine´s Day comes closer, a certain anxiety or eager, almost an anger, begins catching at me...
I see everyone happy rushing for lovely gifts, all these beautiful plastic bags flickering to and fro on the streets, my girlfriends commenting with one another silly things like “he´s gonna love this underwear”, and then I remember that I´ve got no one to give presents or to expect receiving from…
But now, as I was saying, I decided that I´ll not waste away this day like in previous years, now I need to find someone willing to pass the Valentine´s Day with me and share love like a real couple would do, and since I know you´re alone as well, I´d like to ask you what kind of gift you would like to receive…? Do not forget that we´re not talking about unrequited love al right?
For now, receive a bunch of kisses from a definite girl!
Your friend,