Valentine's Day

I´m gonna open my heart…


There are things that take place an inch from our eyes and we don´t see, isn´t it? Normally, that happens when we are distracted or simply closed to the world outside.
I don´t want to babble, but it´d be too boring if i started this letter by saying beforehand that I´ve completely fallen for you and that it is too weird that you haven´t noticed that yet…
But as the Valentine´s Day is getting closer, I plucked up courage to open my heart to you. Whether due to distraction or anything else, I wish that this little letter would suffice to make you open your heart to what I feel towards you. My fear, however, is that you have already realized it and that you simply don´t mind about it. Is that what it is?
I hope not... For there is someone who sees you with other eyes, who breathes differently when you are near, someone who loves you so much… As much as I try to be discreet, sometimes I can´t help it and now the dice is cast and I can´t turn back.
Dear (name), if you don´t know who is behind these words, it won´t take long till you find out. I won´t sign it this time, but next time you are passing by me, I´ll only ask “did you like it?”. Your eyes or your smile will certainly answer me.