Valentine's Day

My sweetest girlfriend


On this very special day, dedicated to people in love – love is the sweetest thing -, I thought it was necessary to say a few simple but meaningful words to you... That means its not my intention to tell you how much I like and think of you, but I want these few lines to mirror who you are and also to denounce the reasons why I am so happy for being your boyfriend.
You are naturally enchanting, lavishing sympathy and availability to collaborate with pretty much everyone. You know how to be solicitous and careful when putting yourself at other people´s disposal as you do that with such generosity and personality that no one would dare to refuse your help. And from where does it come this smile of yours? So sincere, open and joyful.... it must certainly come from your enlightened and kind heart!
You are loyal and very serious, but never bad-tempered! Your attitudes are methodic and rigorous when the day demands such approach, but you are never raw or authoritarian. You know what you want and what to do to then, exactly because you know how to cope with various and different people, how to ask them accordingly, how to reward them when they deserve, sometimes it seems you put a spell on them…
You are beautiful and very pleasing to look at, as you live with this peaceful semblance unbent to vanity or frivolous raptures, and on another side you are never unrefined, wherever you may be. And all of this is not what I think of you, it is just what you radiate around you... And that´s why I feel so proud and happy for being your boyfriend today... By the way, how are we going to celebrate this Valentine´s Day? What about some good food, great wine and a couple of candles?
For the time being, just a lovely kiss from,