Valentine's Day

My Valentine´s Day greatest gift

Dear (name),

If today I could ask for something special to God – and to all the Saints who, from the highest clouds, keep their eyes upon love – I´d ask Him that you stay on my side forever and ever!
You are a wonderful, careful and tender boyfriend, you are beautiful in every sense... I´ve never seen you annoyed with the world or life itself, the only thing I constantly notice is your will to strive after a better tomorrow for us and everyone else around you.
You are a very special boyfriend, for you always have time for me (however busy your life is and I know it is...); you support me in every way and always shower me with lots of attention! You are capable of realizing when something concerns me and you´re always ready to say a loving word and to put my head to rest upon your shoulders. You know you can turn my existence into a happier one and, better than anything else, what you say you really do!
That´s why I ask God to keep you always with me, because your presence seems a kind of warranty of happiness and peace to me... And I´d also like to have much time to try to reward you for all this attention and care and, with all my heart and soul, make you also the happiest man of all.
Lots of love,