Valentine's Day

My boyfriend is the best!

Dear (name),

Since I saw you for the first time, I thought it you were wonderful: handsome, polite, clever and elegant. But one thing was missing... you weren´t mine! So now everything is perfect honey!
You are the best and I love to go out with you and visit all these places in your company. You cant even imagine the satisfaction I feel every time I look at you, the admiration I have for your manly and gorgeous body and for your noble posture on every occasion.
Besides, you really know how to please a woman... and I am a demanding woman! But by your side I don´t feel any kind of need, maybe because you know what I truly need, both emotionally and physically speaking, you know my most secret dreams!
I need to tell you that I have been feeling very happy by sharing my life and experiences with you. On this Valentine´s Day, I´ll pray and ask Him to provide me with health and emotional balance so I can make you happier and happier each day, because if someday I lose you I´d feel like the unhappiest person of this world. You are my world.
Love and kisses,