For my eternal love

Dear (name),

I´m much happier since the day I met you. Our first glance, our first kiss, the first afflictions, made the miracle of our love to be born. On the special date when we celebrate our first day together, I wish to be really close to you.
It´d be really a bliss if I could be by your side, as our joy comes from our union and our love for each other. May God wants us always this way, happy and satisfied with the reality of this romance.
I love you and always will. I feel like this love will last even when maturity comes, I believe that even on another dimension we´ll remain at least close friends. Fallen in love, unquenchable and kind lovers forever and ever. Today I renew once more all love declarations I´ve said to you over the year. I want to say that the best kisses and most loving embraces are reserved for when the time is right for them! Your brief absence is not gonna be reason for concern, as I´m sure we have a protector watching for this beautiful love.

A big kiss,