The last romantic man

Dear (name),

You were astoundingly beautiful on that night. I´m so anxious for meeting you again that I can´t wait to share with you my remarks on your graduation ball, how beautiful, heavenly and sublime you looked. You seemed to be floating arond the hall while everyone else was tied to the ground, the orchestra particularly made for you.
When I got into the place I almost immediately saw you and I knew for sure what I was about to experience. What a gorgeous woman I thought! That dress perfecly surrounding your body and you dancing so gracefully and beautifully I thought that had to be one of the rarest of things I´d ever have the privilege to see in this life... Honestly, on that moment I lost my voice, there I was with my mouth open like an idiot watching your show...
When you gave me the opportunity to dance with you that waltz, I could hardly believe that that was really happening to me, it seemed there was no one but us dancing in the room, a true perfect couple! It was thrilling and exciting what I felt that night. It was your princess day and I was the luckiest vassal, the happiest man in the party.
Expressing myself in such a formal way, you may be not recognizing me. But it was your majestic presence and not the suit and tie that transformed me in such a gentleman, the last romantic guy in the world.

Al right, I´m just prattling, that´s all gibberish, it shouldn´t be this hard to tell you how much I love you!