Infatuated for good

Dear (name)

When we, one way or another, manage to achieve our dreams, that´s for sure a great thing, but it´s so much better when we do that with our beloved one by our side. Your most sensational trait is your courage to confess the complicity that our romance emanates, aiming at the achievement of our dreams.
It´s so comforting and warming to have someone like you following step by step all our victories with the same undeniable involvement as when things go astray... Today I feel very happy for having the most amazing girlfriend on the planet an ordinary guy like me could hope for... You are gorgeous, sensible and brave, and you are also strong enough to strive for our happiness with me, and that´s our biggest goal and dream.
I know I´m privileged as I can rely on your love, your dedication, kisses and cares. All of this fulfills me and I am nothing without your wonderful presence anymore. I hope I can complement your life as well, since my only desire is to see you happy and smiling.
Rightfully or wrong, Eve bit the apple but Adam followed suit. That´s how we move forward in this life, accomplices forever, infatuated for good.