Always waking up together

Dear (name)

One more day will rise up over you plenty of that light lavished by a radiant sun, so you can keep being the light of my life with this love of yours and your wonderful presence, the reason why I love you so much.
Today I feel like life has expanded and decided to shine brighter and you are the reason for it, and for you I smile. I feel like everything is better and magnificent, I am able to enjoy a new day rising when I wake up feeling a happy person because of your love.
Each day that passes by since we started loving each other is like a dream and I dream of being always by your side, so close, and the possibility of fulfilling another journey with your kisses and embraces meets all my needs and aspirations for today.
Right now I can see in thought how I want to live my live: my eyes following you waking up so quietly and relaxed, your shining presence in each and every morning, as long as we are together.
So good morning, love of mine, today, tomorrow and always. May God keep us together, loving each other more and more day after day. I wish to wake you up and cover you with kisses all the days of my life.