It´s a deserved love

Dear (name)

I´m writing this little letter so you may know how much good our relationship is doing to me. As you can notice, the beginning of our romance occurred exactly when I was facing an unhappy moment of my life.
You came to me as a balm, making me forget about all those headaches I was enduring then. The relief manifested in a comprehensive, patient and careful person, the support you´ve been providing me with has been extremely important to me. I´m expressing all my enthusiasm here, you have been gentle and wonderful so far. I feel like that emptyness I was feeling was replaced by your presence, and for that I´m thankful to God.
Our relationship is still at the beginning, we don´t know if it will last, but truth is I´m liking you a lot! This admiration, though not worth much in itself, is to me a big reason for hope of living a new and happy phase of my life.
I really hope that our coming together has come to complete our existence, and since we didn´t have many happy days in our lives, we now long for a better future for ourselves. I think we deserve it.