Deep in your eyes...

My darling,

When I look deep in your eyes I can see how they shine every time you see me. And my heart is filled with happiness, as it feels reassured that all the affection I’ve devoted to you echoes in your kind heart.
It’s great to feel loves and wanted by someone as sweet as you. It feels great that each one of your gestures and caresses has a reason to be; they are not just automatic gestures but truly felted ones, coming from the bottom of your heart just to cheer me up and make me happy.
I would love you more each day if only that was possible. But it isn’t, because you already have the best of me. Our lives already walk side by side and I can only imagine good things happening in them. Forgive me if I sound too cocky, but it pleases me to know that you are happy and to know that my presence is the reason for your well being. I’m happy to know that you are happy by my side!
I want to devote myself to you always; I want to see you this happy all the time. I could never neglect this beautiful love we share, because I can’t imagine one day looking into your eyes and not finding that bright flame of affection and happiness.

Love. Yours