A beautiful and an intense woman


You’re beautiful … the most wonderful surprise I’ve ever had… I could never imagine that your angel face could hide such an intense woman, who’s capable of isolating me from the outside world and of giving me such love.
With your subtle gestures, the delicate touch of your nails on my skin, the refined tone of your voice you’ve transformed yourself before my eyes and revealed yourself as the most beautiful woman on the entire planet (and beyond). For a short while, when our mouths remain joined, in perfect union, nothing else seems to exist in the world for me, besides the sweet vision of your perfect face and the intense light in your eyes.
You know I’m not a child anymore but never in my life had I realized that love was such a complete experience. With your kindness, and your calm but decided ways of extracting from me everything I had to give you, you turned me into the happiest and most satisfied man on the face of the Earth.

I miss you. Love from