Valentine's Day

Forget soccer for a while


You can forget it, because today there will be no soccer (football, baseball, etc.)! No way! Did you forget that today is Valentine`s day? Or, lately, you can only think of (name of player)?
Yes, I am serious darling, I want very much to see you today and do something different and very romantic. I can`t stand the fact of being locked up inside the house because "today there is (name of championship)" and the next day "there is (name of another championship)".
Look, today you have to play with me. We are going out and we are going to have fun. I want to see a very romantic movie and have dinner in a very cool restaurant. I won`t accept to go to cheap restaurant close by, because there you could suddenly meet a friend of yours and start to talk about (name of team) and our night would be over!
I am very prudent so I am not going say any words connected to (name of sport) because you could start to talk about the player who was unfaithful and you know that I don`t like unfaithfulness. Being aware of the fact that the highway (name of highway) is not so good if you are looking for motels I suggest that we go to another (name of highway) for example. It seems that in this direction there are very good motels with special menu for Valentine`s day. But don`t make yourself stupid by going to the direction of (name of the stadium), did you get that?
Well darling, I hope I made myself clear. Today is Valentine`s day. Forget the stadium and let`s go to a motel. I guarantee that this is going to be your best move lately.

I am waiting for you ready to give you many kisses.