Valentine's Day

It`s great to be your boyfriend

My love,

To be your boyfriend is to go beyond the ice cream in the park and movies with popcorn. To be your boyfriend is to go beyond kisses and hugs, and it is also beyond simple caress, sweet talking, candle light dinner and the CD playing softly those songs which we would love to hear.
To be your boy friend is to overcome the body limits, the physical barriers of space and time, it is to feel you always close to me, always inside me, in my heart. Because your presence is permanent in my soul and in my thought, even though there could be an ocean between us in certain moments.
On this Valentine`s day I promise you will never be far, because even though life can bring difficulties to me I am sure my comfort is to know that your thought is inside me, and I swear I will always be with you, in happy or sad times of your life, wishing you the best.
The love I feel for you is the most pure, free and strong of its kind. I know you feel the same to me. Being sure of that I know we are going to repeat this date together, for all our lives, even at the time when we will be old and full of children and grandchildren.
My adored love, lets see each other tonight, maybe go to the movies or have dinner. If you prefer we can just go to the park, holding hands, counting the stars. Today you choose the program and anything you decide will be a sound decision.

Big kiss to you.