Valentine's Day

This is our day


Do you know what I would like to do on Valentine`s day? Guess it? If you answer anything else than to be with you, sorry, you flunked!
Because everything I want on this february 14th is to give you so much love, hugs and kisses; to massage you, give you lots of tea and cookies, make you lie down on the sofa and watch a cool movie on TV, staying that way very close to you. You liked it, didn`t you?
And, do you know what else I want, what I want in exchange? I want that you do the same with me, that you suddenly tell me something like: "honey, do you want me to go to the ice cream shop to buy you an ice cream with chocolate syrup?" or I want that you answer the door and receive those flowers which were sent to me by you, what about that?
So darling, I think you understood that february 14th is our day, all right? I will do everything my master tells me to do and you as a gentleman will do everything I ask you to do. And please, no bad mood, okay? Skipping the jokes, because this IS NOT A JOKE, everything I want is to give and receive attention. Forget the flowers, I am not asking for gifts, but don`t forget the rest, because the rest is ME: somebody that likes and takes better care of you than myself.
Don`t forget that Valentine`s day is our day, and I want everything I am entitled to have.

A kiss from