Valentine's Day

14 of February is a beautiful day

My darling,

Today is a beautiful day because it is Valentine`s day!
Even though a lot of people don`t care about these special days, and complain that the shopping centers are full of anxious people looking for presents, I think it is very important to have a day like that.
It is not because I am going to say something you don`t know yet, but my intention is to continue dedicating my attention and care to you. This way you will be sure of all the love I feel for you.
But, this day is important because in this very fast changing world, ruled by competition and stress, it is necessary that people be alerted to a fundamental aspect of life: the practice of love, the manifestation of love, the need to let stronger affection demonstrations happen and, why not, the special attention of offering a small gift to the person you like, for example, flowers, a good book or a perfume?
If I think that Valentine`s day is beautiful because of all these things, why then, not state that, for me, it is even more beautiful because I have the most dearest girlfriend (or boyfriend) of the world and I pray everyday so that you will always be with me in each Valentine`s day.
Accept a lovable kiss from my heart. I miss you and I wish to be beside you as soon as possible.