Valentine's Day

I want to say something special to you


I was anxious today, on Valentine`s day, because I would like to give you or tell you something special, but I didn`t have enough money for the present and the right words to express how much you are important to me were missing.
Suddenly, without any explanation, an old thought from the philosopher Pitagoras came to my mind, it said: "A friend is like yourself. It is necessary to honor him like a god. The friendship is the equality of harmony" I know we are much more than friends (After all, people who are only friends don`t do certain things that we do so well together), but if our relationship is so good, pleasant and calm, it is because it is based on friendship, the essence of friendship.
Before everything else I am your best friend and I recognize you as my best friend too. We don`t control each other but we worry about each other.
I know we don`t make any moves that could, in any way, hurt the other, and being so I feel we honor each other. At the moment I have to decide something important for me and for my future I also think of my other me ( who is you) and I always choose the alternative which will bring more benefit for both of us. I know you have been doing the same, and maybe this constant worry to search equality, harmony or as the philosopher said: "the equality of harmony". All this added to the physical attraction we both feel could be what people call love.
If that is true, I think we really love each other. Look, unintentionally I think I found something special to tell you today, even though it seems to me that I say "I love you" every day it is not true, my dearest love.
I want to see you today, I really do!

A kiss to you