Valentine's Day

To the most beautiful boyfriend of the world


Do you know you are the most beautiful boyfriend of the world? I think so!!! I always perceive a little bit of envy from my friends when they see me very close to you, when you pick me up at school.
Do you know that the principal of the school has called my mother? I am glad my mother already knows about you, if she didn`t she was going to be very mad at me! What she doesn`t know is that when I am very distracted you give me kisses which are so strong that make my braces almost come out of my mouth.
The guard from the building I live in is also suspicious. He never saw the same skate passing in front of the building so many times. You appear at my door more times than my neighbors do. I am crazy about seeing you today, but be more discrete!
Do you know that I bought a gift for you? It is not a big thing because my father has been holding on the expenses lately, he just talks about crisis, he says we have to be patient because money does not grow in trees, etc. But, even though, I remembered to buy something which will look great on you. I want to see if you are going to be courageous enough to use it.(ahahaha)
Let`s schedule a date in a very cool place, away from all our friends that only talk about stupidities. We can set up our date through the chat. What about that? I will be on line at 7:30 P.M., all right?
And because today is Valentine`s day what do you think if we change the menu??? Instead of going to the new Mac Donald`s (name of hamburger house), what about taking me to eat pancakes or waffles?
Look, don`t forget the chat, okay?

A kiss from

P.S.: I love you!