Valentine's Day

Everything will be diferent


I know I haven`t been as attentive to you as you deserve. But I swear that today is going to be different. And it is not going to be only today.
Suddenly, when I was buying your present I realized that things could and should be more romantic and if they haven`t been it is my fault.
Then, I decided I am going to care more about you from now on, because I noticed in your voice how much you are sweet with me and that I haven`t returned this sweetness back to you.
It is strange, isn`t it? It was necessary a Valentine`s day, this unfashionable and commercial thing, to make me realize that I have the coolest girlfriend in the world, a jewel of person, somebody who dedicates herself to me with so much devotion. It is true, I am lucky that you haven`t changed your mind in the period that I was so careless of you, so distant.
But, I am repeating my promise: from now on, everything is going to be different. To start up call me later and tell me where you want to have dinner and what you want to do. Let`s go dancing? Do you want to go to the movies? See a play? Go for a walk?
Then, decide and let me know. Put a very nice dress on (even though any dress looks beautiful on you), and tell me what time do you want me to pick you up.
Today, Valentine`s day, is the beginning of a new age for both of us. Believe me!

A big kiss from your boyfriend